Print Terms and Explanations - Part 1

Posted by digitalpress on 1 July 2019
Print Terms and Explanations - Part 1

There are so many technical words that are thrown around in the print world, sometimes it's enough to make us dizzy! But don't worry, we've put together a trusty guide for you to be able to sneakily brush up on your print lingo and have you talking like you know it like the back of your hand. 

Finishings - The term finishings refers to two things, the first is the surface characteristics of paper. The second is the general term for trimming, folding, binding and all other post press operations.

Binding -  Binding is the term used for the finish that printers use to hold the pages of a book, brochure, or notepad together.

Bleed - Is the printing that extends to the edge of a page. It is important to always have a bleed set up with content reaching the edge so that when trimming occurs there is no left over white edges (unless that is the design of the piece).

Celloglaze - A plastic film heat bonded to printed products such as booklet covers, business cards and postcards. Not only does it provide protection, it also adds a distinctive matte or gloss finish.

Stock - Sizes, weights and colours of different paper that is available.

Artwork - Refers to designed content for printing, including type, photos and illustrations. Sometimes referred to as art.

Digital Print - Digital printing is uses toner and can print CMYK the same way offset printing does, but it is more cost effective and faster as there are no printing plates to set up and print dries instantly. It is the best choice for smaller businesses who needs well priced, high quality, fast turn around printing solutions.

Creep - What happens to middle pages of a folded booklet that extends slightly beyond outside pages. Also sometimes referred to as feathering, outpush, push out and thrust.

Die Cutting - To cut custom or irregular shapes into paper or paperboard using a die.

Variable Data - Is a form of on-demand printing in which elements (such as text, graphics, photographs, etc) can be quickly and easily changed from one printed piece to the next using information from a database.

Proof -  A printed sample of the project to show exactly how it will look using all stock and ink to be used for the final run. This allows the client to give the all clear before the actual print run is conducted.

DPI / PPI - Dots Per Inch or Pixels Per Inch. Refers to how high of resolution something is. Usually for web the recommended DPI or PPI is 72, for print it is 300.

Crop Marks - The small printed lines around the corners of a printed piece indicating where it should be cut.

Gutter - A blank space or margin between components on a printed piece or press sheet.

Pagination -  The numbering of pages in a book. Some printers prefer to manage pagination themselves and ask for single sheets, others prefer spreads.

Rich Black - Using multiple layers of ink colors in addition to black to produce a deeper and darker black color. The most common CMYK values used for this are 30% Cyan, 20% Magenta, 20% Yellow and 100% Black.

Scoring - Pre-creasing paper for the purpose of making folding easier.

UV Coating - A high gloss coating that is shiny and very durable that can be applied to printed material. It is applied as a liquid then cured with ultraviolet light.

Letterpress - Method of printing from raised surfaces, either metal type or plates whose surfaces have been etched away from image areas. Also called block printing

Spread - The two pages that face each other in any book or publication.

Value - The shade (darkness) or tint (lightness) of a color. Also called brightness, lightness, shade and tone.
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Dry toner printing has got the goods

Posted by Ball And Doggart on 24 June 2019
Dry toner printing has got the goods
In print land, there are many ways you can print an image. Dry Toner print means laser printer and is a great choice for short run work. Dry toner machines are the most common print machines out there so you can often get work done quickly and at a competitive price. Like all digital printing there is very little set up (no plates) meaning each impression can be different to the next, think personalisation and the ability to mix up the colours on the same job.

Dry Toner printing has made leaps and bounds in terms of print quality and enhancement too, now offering a broader gamut of colour via CMYK but also clear, silver and gold toner options too. Dry toner is really up there for quality now and we actually think dry toner silver gives the best metallic print result you can find but shhh don't tell the offset guys!

Economical embellishment with clear toner

The idea of this piece was to show you can mimic spot varnish with the use of clear toner. It's a really economical trick and great for when you only need a small amount of business cards or an invite. On first glance of the printer's proof we immediately saw the clear ink was too subtle on the bright pink. We wanted more impact so decide to put 30% magenta down first and then print the clear toner over the top. This gave greater contrast between paper and print. And by putting the clear toner on last it gave a nice shiny finish, mimicking the look of an expensive varnish.

TIP: the more matt and rough the paper is the greater contrast with the shiny clear toner. This trick works beautifully on dark papers and can be mistaken for a clear foil. Much cheaper and quicker than getting a foil block made and ideal for those times when you need some quick impact.

Looking for some additional inspo?

Here's some dry toner tricks just for you:
1. Clear ink on black stock to create a shiny, rich black effect.
2. Clear ink on white stock can achieve a subtle, modern white foil effect
3. Print a clear ink pattern over black text for a textured print effect
4. Dry Toner Silver and Golds come in all shades from yellow gold through to cooper, pewter and flat silver. It's a mix of silver and yellow and the shades are endless.
5. Want a thick card? We sell cardboard that can be printed and stuck together under pressure. Mulitloft and Mohawk layers are the two products. It's a cheap way to get super lux thick business cards on a short run, quick turnaround basis.



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The Smart Packaging Revolution

Posted by Two Sides on 17 June 2019
The Smart Packaging Revolution

Whether it's reducing waste, attracting new customers or fighting fraud, embedded smart technology is quickly becoming the next big thing in packaging.

For the vast majority of the packaging industry, the use of smart technology in the supply chain is nothing new. After decades of the bar code and later, the QR Code, RFID tags and electronic chips are used throughout the industry to track products as they move from manufacturer to retail outlet. But their use beyond the supply chain has been limited to scannable codes that give access to product information and one-off marketing campaigns.

But with the development of new and more cost-effective technology, those codes and campaigns are about to become a lot more available and useful to both customer and producer, improving both the value and the sustainability of packaging.

$52bn and counting

In the past few years, the area of smart packaging has become a multi-billion dollar industry. According to a report by Accuray Research, the global smart packaging market is set to grow by 5.4% over the next decade to reach $52bn by 2025.

A significant portion of that value will be in food traceability, which is expected to be worth more than $18.5bn by 2023 (Allied Market Research, 2017), driven by the concern people have about where their food comes from. Using electronic chips embedded within the packaging, customers can use their smartphones to trace exactly which farm their food was grown on, as well as how far it's travelled and how long it's been stored for.

Such technology is also useful for food producers concerned about their products being copied and sold as counterfeits. In the extra virgin olive oil market, as much as 70% of the product sold is thought to be fake, a group of extra virgin olive oil producers asked Norwegian firm Thin-film to develop an NFC (near-field communication) chip that could be used within the packaging of their premium products. Customers could then use their phones to connect with this chip to ensure they had the genuine product.

Embedded information

As well as details on provenance, a number of firms are looking into embedding practical information into their packagings, such as operating instructions or recipe ideas. "There's absolutely no reason why you can't scan your ready meal and have that tell the microwave what setting to put it on," said Andy Hobsbawm, co-founder of smart products company EVRYTHNG.

Of course, once you start being able to embed information and content into packaging, then it's only a matter of time before the marketing departments start to advertise through this new communications channel, offering videos, competitions and ads for other products that pop up on your smartphone.

Indeed, this is already happening. For evidence, see the McDonald's 'Track My Macca' campaign in Australia, which invited customers to scan their burger box with their phone to receive exclusive AR content.

Environmental impact

But perhaps the most useful application of smart packaging is in helping the environment. With smart technology able to detect whether certain foods are still safe to eat, it could extend the shelf life of a product, reducing food waste and providing greater efficiency in the supply chain.

Not only that, embedded information could provide the customer with detailed information about how the packaging can be recycled and even directions to the nearest recycling centre.

"Solutions are now being implemented to help combat waste and prevent food waste," said Eef de Ferrante, Director of the World Congress on Active & Intelligent Packaging. "The environmental issues we face can be solved by advancements in technology and implementation in the packaging industry. I strongly believe active and intelligent packaging will make great changes to these issues."


Smart packaging in action

Smart Vial Kit - Schreiner MediPharm
The international medical labelling and packaging company based in Germany has created a cardboard medicine box that tracks and monitors the medication it holds, providing a patient or doctor with information on which medication was removed from which compartment. The packaging contains an integrated electronic circuit that connects to a smartphone using NFC technology, and can even provide information on the temperature inside the packaging.

THE BOX - LivingPackets
Swiss startup LivingPackets has launched a sustainable and trackable shipping box that, according to the makers, generates almost zero packaging waste. Simply called 'THE BOX', it features real-time environmental monitoring (location, temperature, humidity, shocks, opening), as well as an integrated camera for remote viewing of the contents. THE BOX targets the booming e-commerce sector and allows customers to either pay for or return an item simply by pressing a button on the packaging.

Meray Muesli display - Fresh Nuts Gmbh
Display packaging is ideal for smart connectivity, allowing brands to provide customers with in-store content and communication to draw them towards the product and encourage purchase. To launch their new range of mueslis, German food brand Fresh Nuts used a display that featured images with digital watermarks, which can be read using a free app on a smartphone. By pointing their phones at the display images, customers can access video content, encouraging them to try the new breakfast cereal.


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Making the Most of EOFY

Posted by digitalpress on 10 June 2019
Making the Most of EOFY

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, as a small to medium business owner the countdown is on.  It can be a busy time of the year for accounting and bookkeeping on top of the planning for the new financial year to come.

We know how stressful the EOFY can be so we've put together a list of easy ways to invest the rest of your budget into products that will set you apart from your competition and set your business up for success in the new financial year.

Business Stationery

One of the most common sense purchases for your EOFY spending is business stationery. Stocking up on letterheads, business cards, With Compliments Slips, envelopes, note pads, swing tags and pens are a great way to make sure your business is always putting its best foot forward with a strong suite of branded product to aid you in doing whatever your business does best. With Digitalpress' variable data printing your artwork can be quickly changed and updated to make ordering and reordering business cards or a range of business stationery a cinch.

Annual Report

A common EOFY expense, but one not to be forgotten about. Who better to take care of your businesses annual report that the Beautiful Print Experts at Digitalpress. With our large range of stocks and finishes, we can put an extra special touch to your annual report, take care of your binding and have it delivered anywhere across Sydney CBD.


The other side of EOFY is sales! Making sure your business has the correct signage for all your promotions for EOFY is an important way to communicate with customers and potential customers. Digitalpress can handle all of your POS signage from small on the counter signage all the way up to pull up banners and a-frame signs.




Perhaps its time to take the ultimate leap and rebrand your business to launch into the new financial year with a bang! If your business or brand has expanded over the past one or two financial years, your focus and values may have shifted and it is important that the brand direction follows that changing culture and supports your brand in all its new endeavors. Our in house graphic design team can manage your rebrand from start to finish or even just give your brand a refresh rather than a full rebrand.

Digitalpress are the Beautiful Print Experts. If you want your business to launch into the new financial year more successful than ever, call us today to book a consultation to find out how we can help your business grow.


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