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Getting to Know Digitalpress - Theo

by digitalpress
Posted on 12 August 2019
Getting to Know Digitalpress - Theo

This week we are continuing on with our Getting to Know Digitalpress blog - and this week we are getting to know our founder and director - Theo Pettaras!

Name & How long you've been with DP:
Theo Pettaras and I am the founder and director of Digitalpress, so 15 years here in total.

At Digitalpress, I'm responsible for:
Looking after clients, particularly our larger accounts. My specialty is in print marketing and I consider myself an expert in this field. As a Director of our company I also sit on the Digitalpress Board.

A typical working day for me at Digitalpress looks like: 
Get to work by 8am, check emails, attend our Sales Blitz, then a quick Daily Beat Production WIP, check emails, engage with our clients followed by some strategic sales management and planning.

Something people don't know about my role is: 
I'm the cheeky annoying one at the office


One of my favourite Beautiful Print moments is: 
It would have to be the Katrina and Tori Memorial book and box. This project was a truly important and significant piece that we collaborated with the Department of Premier of Cabinet. Also the A Meeting of Words book I collaborated with Tim Jetis from Cabinet of Wonder a most inspiring book so meticulously designed and produced.  



The thing I like most about working at Digitalpress is: 
The relationship I have with our team. They are incredibly loyal, professional, passionate and respectful. I love the working relationship I have with our clients, they are all wonderful to deal with and are very supportive and truly value the work we do. I love collaborating with clients and utilising my expertise to produce wonderful engaging beautiful print.  

I'm passionate about print because: 
It is beautiful. You can feel it and it works.

On the weekend, you'll find me: 
Playing my bass and sometimes at work.

If I wasn't doing this as a career, I'd be... 
General Surgeon or Graphic Designer
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