The Team at Digital Press

Environmental Credentials

We are committed to managing our impact on the environment by working with Australian and international paper mills that implement environmental management systems, and that meet or exceed the standards of internationally recognised accreditation systems.

Environmental concerns are an increasingly important part of printing today. We embrace the need for sustainable practices.

The benefits of digital printing start with making it practical and affordable to order only as many as you know you'll need, so there's no waste when obsolete printed materials are discarded. Digital printing requires virtually no make-ready paper.

Digital printing presses such as our Fuji Xerox Iridesse is certified by INGEDE (the International Association of the De-inking Industry) because it is easily de-inked in the paper recycling process.

Here are a few more reasons why Digitalpress is so environmentally friendly:

  • No volatile organic compounds
  • No petroleum-based inks
  • No press-cleaning chemicals
  • No film/plate making chemicals
  • No metal plates
  • No synthetic proofing materials
  • Low wattage LED lighting throughout the premises
  • Recycling of paper and consumables


10 Thousand Trees Program

Early adopters of this initiative by the team at Digitalpress to be a part of sustainable foresting for environmentally friendly paper milling.

Clients can participate in the program whereby an optional 1% additional charge can be made which would be used by the company 10 Thousand Trees to plant, manage and harvest trees as environmentally friendly paper, then reinvest accrued funds into planting forests for the future.

Digitalpress has a number of initiatives and accredited certifications in place to provide our clients assurance that we take environmental matters seriously. We were amongst the first to participate in The Graphic Arts Services Association of Australia's (GASAA) flagship Environmental Management Course Truly Green course which trains providers to implement cost and waste effective environmental management systems that are compliant with international standards (ISO14001), and participated in their Carbon Footprint Scheme which rates providers' environmental footprint similarly to the white goods energy rating scheme. We also work to ISO 14001 International Environmental standard and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accreditation.



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