Adding Value - Start the New Year Right

Posted by digitalpress on 12 July 2018

the new year should be about adding value for your customers. so how do you set up a program to wow your customers?

  1. Recognise that your customers have a lifetime value
  2. Keep adding value by listening to what your customers want and improving what you do for them
  3. Stay in touch with your customers regularly, not just when you want to sell them something
  4. Be as responsive as you can to customer requests
  5. Continually update your knowledge and adopt new techniques and technologies to keep yourself ahead of the game


Let Digitalpress help you with your proposal documents, tenders and marketing collateral etc to help you add value.


Transition into 2016 the 7 steps

Posted by digitalpress on 5 July 2018

transition into 2016.
here are 7 steps to get you started.

  1. Make a list of your 2015 accomplishments
  2. Make a list of your setbacks
  3. Find lessons from setbacks
  4. Forgive whomever you need to forgive
  5. Have gratitude for the lessons received
  6. Let go of past hurt
  7. Have a positive outlook on the future


Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at Digitalpress.


Paper for digital printing what do I need to know?

Posted by digitalpress on 28 June 2018

it's no secret that all of us here at digitalpress love a good paper stock. it can make all the difference in the world between bringing your vision to life or leaving your audience hoping for more.

Here at Digitalpress, our Kodak Nexpress enables us to print on most stocks. There is no need to specify sapphire coated paper that is specifically used for other printing presses. Your options are unlimited with the enormous paper range available.

Additionally, as the Nexpress is a dry-ink toner based printing system, we do not lose any colour integrity the glossy dry toner adds a certain level of depth to the smooth and tactile surface of the paper helping to sharpen the fine details in your images and leave behind vibrant colours.

Consider Specialty Stocks

The number of specialty print papers available in the market is constantly increasing, and they are an excellent way to breathe life into your printed collateral.

Try a pearlescent or textured stock to add a special touch of prestige to the feel of your finished piece. Or perhaps one of our coloured stocks matches your branding perfectly. Your paper selection can go a long way in helping to convey the exact look and feel you've envisioned.

And don't worry, our white ink printing capability enables us to print on even the darkest of stocks in order to make your prints standout and break through the clutter.

Paper Embossing for Added Elegance

An additional option to finding the perfect paper for your project is to utilise a finishing process known as paper embossing. We collaborate with local experts Tafeda to help create unique textures on all sorts of stocks for many of our customer's projects. With nearly 30 different embossing patterns available (including linens, wood, fingerprints, and more), your finished printed piece can feature a texture that matches your messaging perfectly.

see all the inspiring options for yourself!

Our digitalpress swatch kit is a fantastic collection of paper stocks that's sure to give you an added dose of inspiration for your next print project. Available for $30.00 + GST Click here to enquire and purchase a copy and get inspired now.



William Buck, Changing Lives - Theo's Story

Posted by digitalpress on 21 June 2018

William Buck's strength lies in their unique philosophy summed up by the simple phrase, 'changing lives.'

They developed this philosophy in recognition of the role they play in the lives of our clients, employees and the wider community.


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