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Pushing the print boundaries become part of holt and hart

by digitalpress
Posted on 7 June 2018
Pushing the print boundaries become part of holt and hart
Holt & Hart, the landmark building which is home to businesses and restaurants like MoVida, Cue Fashion and ASOS, briefed Good Citizens (Branding and PR collective) to create a campaign to sell 21 suites within the building.

The concept 'Become part of Holt and Hart' was brought to life through heat sensitive inks. As a potential buyer thumbs their way through the sales booklet, their fingerprints literally become part of the brochure.

Nik Robinson, creative director for Good Citizens, said "The experience is tactile and memorable; it's a well told story. It highlights the extent to which these developers are serious about the brands they develop; they understand that every piece of communication is an extension of the brand.

Why can't a sales brochure have imagination? It's a key component of the selling cycle."

"If anyone was going to make this happen, it was going to be Theo and his team at Digitalpress. Together we searched the world to find the print technology to make this campaign happen.  Of course we came across hurdles and problems but each time we found a solution and the end result is absolute quality."

As well as the booklet, we decided to get real cut-through by mailing out 10,000 postcards, inviting people to 'Touch me' and become part of the building.

A nice touch and a nod to using local businesses and people, Good Citizens engaged all suppliers within 50 metres of the building to produce the booklet including photography by Rachel Kerr. Results so far: 6 of the 21 suites have sold.



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