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On The Shoulders Of Giants a tribute to thirteen designers

by digitalpress
Posted on 19 July 2018
We are proud to announce that after five years in the making Digitalpress and Simon Pemberton from have completed a project of epic proportions. "On The Shoulders Of Giants" is a tribute to thirteen designers who, over the last thirty to forty years, have helped shape the graphic design industry in Australia today.

The importance of this project is supported by history. There is no doubt whatsoever that the Australian graphic design industry came of age during these designers' careful watch. Securing a vibrant and dynamic record of this major part of the our industry's history is a responsibility we should all be part of. As an investment in our future and as a significant part of our heritage. Simon was able to secure all thirteen designers same place same time for this exclusive interview. These included Cato, Cozzolini, Emery, Flett, Kidd, Kin-Yee, Lancashire, Nowland, Sadgrove, Spatchurst, Tucker, Turner and Williamson.

Through hard work, dedication, patience and at a significant financial cost, a beautifully case-bound section sewn book with DVD video footage has been produced. Digitalpress together with some other generous supporters are proud to have been able to support this magnificent project by financially contributing part of the funding. 100 copies were produced with only 5 copies available for sale for $50 plus GST at Beautiful Pages Sydney

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