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Did you know paper has one of the lowest carbon footprints?

by digitalpress
Posted on 13 September 2018
Did you know paper has one of the lowest carbon footprints?

It's myth that paper production is energy intensive and has a high carbon footprint, in fact, paper has one of the lowest carbon footprints

According to the Australasian Industry Paper Industry Association Ltd, Pulp Paper & Print is one of the smallest emitters of the major industry sectors on the planet, responsible for just 1.1% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, and in Australia, 31% of energy used by the pulp and paper sector comes from renewable sources, mostly biomass and hydro. In fact, paper is made from wood, a renewable carbon storing resource. Take a look at these supporting facts:

  1. Reading a newspaper can consume 20 percent less carbon than viewing news online.' The Swedish Royal Institute for Technology, 2012.
  2. 'Industry research indicates that printed mail comprises of 0.1 percent of total household CO2 emissions in Europe. This equates to 14kg of CO2 emissions and is equivalent to:
    - One 70km car journey
    - Five cheeseburgers
    - Nine litres of milk
    - 6.6 minutes of transatlantic flight'
    - EMIP, The Facts of Our Value Chain, 2008
  3. 'At current growth rates data centres and telecommunication networks will consume about 1,963 billion killowatt-hours of electricity in 2020.' Make IT Green, Greenpeace International, 2010
  4. 'In a multimedia world, responsibly sourced paper and print may be the most sustainable way to communicate. Alternative media has its own impact too: One email with a 400k attachment sent to 20 people, is equivalent to burning 100w light bulb for 20 minutes.' -BBC Costing The Earth, Global Warming, 2009
  5. '100 Google searches is equivalent to burning a 60w light bulb for 28 minutes.' Google Associated Press, 2011.
  6. 'One hour per day on a 32-inch LCD comes to 35kg CO2 per year equivalent to a 6.3km drive in an average powered car M. Berners-Lee, How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything, 2011. Australian Paper Industry Association, Paper Part of Everyday, 2010.

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