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3 Direct Mail Tactics

by Ink On Da Paper
Posted on 3 June 2019
3 Direct Mail Tactics

Re-engaging lapsed customers can have a lasting effect on your bottom line. Direct mail has proven itself to be an effective channel in this respect. By reaching out to customers who have stopped frequenting your business, you stand to convert a segment that is already familiar with your brandall with a simple, well-written mailpiece. Read on for three tactics to employ when sending a win-back direct mail campaign.

1. Ask Customers Why They Left and Include a Prepaid Business Reply Card

Send your lapsed customers a mailpiece with a short survey. Ask them directly why they stopped frequenting your business. Include a brief list of three to four questions. Be sure to design your mailpiece with a business reply card (BRC), and a prepaid and preaddressed postcard that makes it easy for customers to respond. Provide an incentive, like an exclusive offer, for completing the survey. As an added bonus, you can leverage this information to better identify and address customer issues in the future.

2. Show Them What They're Missing

Entice customers to return to your business by showing them your newest products and brand campaigns. Send a postcard or booklet that reflects your latest marketing initiatives. If possible, tailor your mail campaign to specific segments within your lapsed customer pool. With variable data printing (VDP) you can then customize the direct mail content to each segment.

3. Offer a Final Enticement to Win Them Back

Send your customers a mailpiece indicating that this will be your last offer. Up the ante by providing a high discount or a rare deal. Make the offer time-sensitive to drive them to act quickly. Be sure to use a warm voice to stress how much their business is important to you. Many companies use the following copy to accomplish their goal: We hope this isn't goodbye.

In Summary

As a channel, direct mail is well-suited for win-back campaigns. Grab a customer's attention with a personalized, physical mailpiece and draw them in with a new product line or one last attention-grabbing offer. With a few strategic design and messaging decisions, you can tailor your direct mail campaign to win-back lost customers.


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