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Case Study | The Prince Akatoki

Digitalpress recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Interbrand Australia to produce some incredibly beautiful print for their client the Prince Akatoki. This work was intricate and considered in its aproach, each element thoughtfully designed to reflect the brand message of the hotel. 


"The Prince Hotel Group are the experts in hospitality it's what they've been practicing in Japan for more than 50 years. So when they partnered with Staywell to bring their unique style of luxury hotels to the rest of the world, they needed a new concept for a brand that took the very best of Japan and fused it with local cultures across the globe.

Introducing The Prince Akatoki. Aimed at high-end travellers looking to escape the chaotic pace of modern life, guests will discover a sanctuary within. Incorporating a minimal aesthetic, the promotion of mindfulness, a spotlight on craftsmanship, and a meticulous attention to detail we were inspired not only by Japan, but a Japanese way of life. And because The Prince Akatoki was created with fusion in mind, it doesn't feel out of place in London, Paris or New York.

Starting with a strategy that spoke to a unique brand proposition to exemplify Japan's unique sophistication and hospitality to the world we were tasked with developing a name, visual identity, and design system that reflects our modern take on Japanese tradition.

But any hotel's success lies in the experience. So we went beyond just the concept. Based on our time in Japan, shadowing the staff and learning about their unique style of hospitality from the heart, we developed a customer experience handbook for The Prince Akatoki team. We made interior design guidelines that embeds the brand's principles into every built space. And we worked with illustrators, haiku masters, and craftspeople to create unique pieces of art.

The very first hotel will debut in London in September, followed by a newly built property in Guangzhou, Southern China. And there are plans to expand to 25 cities the world over. So no matter where you, every time you check in to The Prince Akatoki, you're invited to slow down, breathe, and re-enter the world feeling better than before.

You're invited to wake up to a new beginning." 


- InterbrandAU

The Prince Akatoki | Digitalpress Printing Sydney
The Prince Akatoki | Digitalpress Printing Sydney

You can read more about the design side of this incredible project over here.

Photographs and video content used with permission from Interbrand AU. 

Project Details:

Project Title: Prince Akatoki
Client:  Interbrand
Design: Interbrand
Print: Digitalpress
Paper: Box and Book Cover: Corvon Mano
Text: Ball & Doggett Superfine Ultra White 148gsm 
Print Method: Text Pages Digitally Printed 
Print Quantity: 6
Finishing and Binding: Text Pages: Section Sewn text pages with a double 8 page gate fold in the middle.
Covers: Case Bind with Corvon Mano Inkjet printed and debossed
Box: Covers: Case Bind with Corvon Mano Inkjet-printed and debossed
Awards: NSW State Print Awards - Silver - Packaging, Bronze - Embellishment and Bronze - Multi-Piece Productions and Campaigns

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